Pros and Cons of Window Shutters

Window roller shuttersIntroduction:

If you are in the mood to add a bit of drama to your windows the, there is no better way than to treat it with a window shutter because they will not only dramatically improve the aesthetics of the room but will also enhance the beauty of it. These shutters are especially best for sunny cities like Melbourne where the sun shines with all its glory and provide much-needed protection from the rays of the sun. However, these shutters have numerous benefits and also some drawbacks which we will discuss briefly in this article to come to a conclusion that whether or not are window shutters worth the investment.


Window Shutters have the following major benefits:

  1. As mentioned earlier these window shutters will sufficiently safeguard you against the scorching Melbourne sun and since we know that the children in Melbourne love their sports so it will also stop any cricket or football balls from flying in and cracking your windows.
  2. Unless you have tinted windows, the best bet for enjoying your privacy are shutters because you don’t want people (neighbors) peeping in and creeping you out. Plus it will also help you keep focused and stop you from watching that girl next door!
  3. The chance of your house becoming the victim of breaking and entering and burglary is significantly reduced because most of these shutters come with a latch or a lock mechanism so that burglars can’t just break the window and steal all your favorite valuable possessions.
  4. Lastly, these shutters will complement the furniture and windows very well and help improve the aesthetics of the room.
  5. While it does get pretty hot in Melbourne, it also gets pretty cold in winters too, and this shutter will help keep you warm and cozy. Check out for online prices


However, windows shutters do have their drawbacks, and they are as follows:

  1. The worst thing about these shutters is that hey will restrict your view so that you can’t enjoy the lovely Sunday Melbourne morning while having a glass of refreshing orange juice on a very hot day.
  2. Since most of these shutters are made of wood, there is a pretty high chance that pests that are attracted to wood such as termite might attack them and eventually eat all the wooden things in your house. Normally, this happens if your shutter is on the exterior side. In addition to that, rain and the heat of Melbourne could play a crucial role in fading the color of the shutter.


These are the core advantages and disadvantages of having a window shutter installed in a city like Melbourne. As you can see the benefits exceed the cons so installing shutters would be the rational thing to do. You can speak to Roller Shutters R Us about organising a free quotation.