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Speaker Presentation Files

Wednesday 29th October

Pre-Expo Workshop: An introduction to emissions trading

Brett Janissen
Katherine Lake
Dr Tony Beck

Pre-Expo Workshop: An introduction to the Clean Management Mechanism

Martin Wilder and Michael Wiener
Einar Telnes

Thursday 30th October

Plenary: Global policy developments and opportunities

Sean Lucy
Simon Marr

Plenary: Overview of global carbon markets

William Greene
Chris Leeds

WS1.1 - Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) - policy & implementation

Regina Betz

WS1.2 - The finnce sector

Paul Bodnar
Dr Ian Woods
Arif Paul

WS1.3 - Forestry & avoided deforestation

Andrew Grant
Matthew Reddy
David Cassells

Friday 31st October

WS2.1 - CPRS - Australian Industry impacts and opportunities

Mark Proegler
Victor Niemeyer

WS3.1 - Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other international linkages

Michael Wiener

WS3.2 - The voluntary market

Seb Henbest
Rupert Posner
Chris Halliwell

WS3.3 - Driving innovation = energy efficiency

Andrew Hodgkinson
Hugh Saddler
Allan Parker

WS4.1 - Maintaining Sustainable Supply Chains

Deanne Belfield
Trevor Barrows
Gabrielle Aitken

WS4.2 - The voluntary market

Brendan Bateman

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