How To Become A Property Lawyer

Proprty Lawyer Specialty

Property or real estate attorneys are professionals that specialize in the practice of real estate legal matters.

Clients can hire them to draft mortgage documents, contracts of sale, interpret provisions in a typical real estate sale contract and review leases. Usually, this type of legal luminaries doesn’t engage in court litigations, because of their strong concerns in properties and allied matters.

Key skills

Property lawyers are highly gifted in the following:

  • Problem-solving
  • Communicative excellence
  • Analytical abilities
  • Writing and speaking skills


Career Requirements


Get a Bachelor’s degree


A lawyerThose who are interested in becoming real estate or property lawyers are as a matter of fact required to earn a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university. Some bachelor’s degree programs lasts for an unprecedented four years of academic coursework, irrespective of the field of study one has achieved.


However, due to real estate law has a close relationship with business transactions, most students prefer to get a Bachelor’s degree in economics or Business first before coming to do undergraduate studies in law.


The essence of the pre-law bachelor’s degree program is to ensure that the student has the required communication, oral and analytical skills they need before going to a law school.


Pass the law school admissions Tests (LSAT0)

One of the requirements of American Bar Association is that intending law students must pass the law school Admissions Test (LSAT).


This to a great extent measure the candidate’s verbal and reading skills. Also, a wide range of law schools insist that you must pass the law school admission test before they give you admission.


Other Requirements


  • A law degree can be obtained within four years of strong academic studies. However, working professionals who want to get a bachelor’s degree in law may be required to do part-time programs. This will surely take a longer time to complete.
  • Some of the law courses that are fundamental to the profession include, but not limited to energy law, civil rights litigation, administrative law, legal writing, torts, civil procedure and many more.


Pass the Bar Examinations


Some states require that whoever wants to work as a property attorney must pass a bar exam. This examination has different format, some include multiple-choice questions and series of essays. Others involve multistate performance test and multistate essay exam.


Areas of legal specialty – property law


When you are done with the bar examinations, you can start practicing law in any field you deem fit. However, private law firms may engage themselves on practicing real estate. For example Rosendorff property lawyer employees specialise in property law and will need extra qualifications in this area.


You can also develop yourself more by constantly reading articles, books, and attend conferences on real estate legal practice. Some private law firms that deal on real estate require that whoever will join them must have obtained at least 2-3 years of experience.


Earn a Masters of Law in Real estate


Besides getting a bachelor’s degree in law, which qualifies you to practice a real estate attorney. Some lawyers go ahead to earn an LLM (Masters of Law) in real estate. Keep in mind that this is not required, but it can open doors to multiple career opportunities as well.


Those who enrol in this program will do other courses like:

  • Real estate finance
  • Real estate in Federal tax law
  • Housing
  • Historic preservation law
  • Construction law
  • Real estate litigation and lots more.