Concrete Cleaner: Which One is Best Suited for Your Concrete Floor

epoxy-concreteLike all other kinds of flooring, for example garage flooring flakes, concrete floors need a thorough cleaning every once in a while. Though concrete is comparatively easier to get rid of spills and stains, if it doesn’t get a proper washing every now and then the stains start to settle in. this gives concrete floors an old and grimy appearance.

The key is to simply give it a wet mopping on alternate days so that dust doesn’t accumulate. Concrete is generally porous and can absorb dirt easily. If you don’t clean it on a day to day basis the dirt would settle in.

However if you have been lagging behind in cleaning your concrete floor and it appears kind of dirty the following concrete cleaners available in Melbourne. Most property owners will also protect their floors, but that is a topic for another post. Meanwhile you can check this epoxy resin and paint coating products.

Neutral Cleaners

As the name suggests neutral cleaners are pH balanced cleaners which provide a gentle yet through cleaning to your concrete floors. These work well for a day to day cleaning.

  • These concrete cleaners are usually used for concrete floors inside homes.
  • Concrete floors which haven’t been exposed to a great deal of dust can be cleaned using pH balanced concrete cleaners
  • These cleaners are usually diluted in water and then used to mop the floors.
  • These cleaners can be bought from janitor or hardware stores across Melbourne.

Acidic Cleaners

For stubborn dirt and stains, acidic cleaners work well. These cleaners can effectively clean away a white powder like residue which is common on concrete floor exposed to a great deal of traffic. The reason for this white residue is cleaning the floor with hard water, a high amount of salt in the concrete etc.

  • These kind of concrete cleaners are to be used directly on the concrete surface. Diluting these would not give the same result.
  • The area needs to be scrubbed well to get rid of the stubborn residue
  • Make sure you wash off the acidic cleaner with a good dose of water.
  • For avoiding buildup of white residue in the future it would be a better idea to use a sealant on the concrete floor.
  • These type of concrete cleaners are available concrete hardware stores

Alkaline Cleaners

These are known as degreasers because of their ability to get rid of oil stains. Concrete floors which have been exposed to grime and oil stains needs to be cleaned using alkaline cleaners.

  • These are available in concentrated forms and need to be diluted before use.
  • For stubborn stains it would be better to pour the concentrated form of the cleaner directly on to the stain.
  • Let the cleaner rest on the stain for a while before wiping it off
  • These cleaners are available at concrete hardware stores and may be available online as well.

Oxidation Cleaners

These cleaners are also known as enzymatic cleaners. These work by diluting and digesting the satins from the concrete floors. These help get rid of bacteria and provide a clean finish to your concrete floors. These are poured directly over the stains and allowed to sit for a while. The enzymes in the cleaner get rid of the satins. However more stubborn stains might require more than one application. Check out this concrete cleaner product and reach out if any doubt.