The Ultimate Tool for all things Interactive

microway - camtasiaThinking of shooting a classy YouTube video? Looking for ways to add fun to your boring presentation? Would you like to create an interactive lesson for your students? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to take a look at what Camtasia has to offer.

Camtasia is basically a video editor and screen recorder rolled in one program. It is great for individuals who are looking to prepare dynamic presentations for work and schools as well as a great video recorder for recording your own videos.

The pros and cons of creating videos using Camtasia

  • Whether you want to create a video which is lengthy or short, you can do both using camtasia. The best thing about it is that there is no time limit to the length of the video you need to shoot. For those looking to make lengthy tutorials for online courses or creating longer YouTube videos, this is the best features Camtasia has to offer.
  • The ability to record just about anything and everything. You can continue to add your voice to your video without having to worry about the sound quality or making any final edits. The same goes for its ability to record directly from the computer and PowerPoint.
  • All the all you can even record yourself while you are explaining things on the computer screen. This gives a one on one experience for your videos thus making them look more presentations personalized.
  • Editing videos is easier with Camtasia. It works well for home videos as well making them look as professional as possible.
  • It even integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint. At the time of installation you are given an option to integrate Camtasia. With this option you have a toolbar at your fingertips to record or prepare presentations in PowerPoint. The best part, you have the option to disable the toolbar when it suits your purpose.
  • Easily shares videos and tutorials on YouTube and Google Docs directly from the Camtasia dashboard.
  • However with Camtasia there is one single drawback and that includes its inability to support a digital camera. Besides it can’t be downloaded from the web and has to be installed manually

Editing videos with Camtasia

  • You can easily manipulate the visual properties
  • It’s easier to add captions and quizzes to your video presentations.
  • Voice over editing is easier, you can add any sound or voice to your videos easily
  • It even has multiple file formatting option available so you can work easily using any file format.
  • Once you have prepared your video you can easily upload it on your live streaming tutorial from the Camtasia dashboard.
  • Using and importing different graphics adds an interesting touch to your presentations and in turn makes them more interactive and user friendly

The software Camtasia is definitely not a cheap option, but it’s a onetime buy. All in all it’s a great tool for people looking for a video recorder and editor in single software.